Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Fall Decorations

I decided to repurpose my plant stand that I had placed by the front door this past spring to fit in with fall. In early May I had bought these cute little pots and planted pansies in them, then for the summer, I switched to petunias, and now in the fall....I have put in some pumpkins!

We grew the two bigger pumpkins in our garden. They didn't amount to much, but the little guy had a ball planting them, watching them grow, and proudly picking them and putting them on display.

I also decided to repurpose a planter that was on the back deck all summer. The annuals planted around the outside had long ago lost their luster, but the grass in the middle still looks beautiful! So, I pulled out all of the annuals and placed the planter on the front step next to a nice pumpkin we got at the farm market.

We also added some corn to our lampposts and bought HUGE pumpkins at a local farm market along with some mums to finish off the post display. There is also a local gift shop that I love to shop at called Chickadees that had the cutest pumpkin decorations that you stick right in the ground. They make an instant display and I love them! Here are some more pictures of our fall fun decorating!

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