Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Have A New Home

Thanks to anyone who was reading this blog, but I have decided to kick it up a notch and start up a new one. It is a little more professional than the ramblings I have posted on here. I will still keep this blog, however, but it will not be updated nearly as often. Thanks again!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why Can't I Remember?

This is ridiculous. I remember sitting at the computer looking at an invitation to something and asking my husband if that Saturday was clear on his calendar and if he would mind if I committed us to something on August 7th...but as I sit here trying to think of where it is I am supposed to be, or what it is I am supposed to be doing...I can't remember!

I've always heard that when women have children they develop "Mommy Brain," and I would like to blame my current memory loss on this theory. If I don't, that means I am going crazy, or developing early on-set Alzheimer's (thanks a lot book club for having me read Still Alice!).

I have gone through all my e-mails on all of my accounts and have checked calendars, evite, and even Facebook. Nothing. Hopefully I can remember by the time Saturday rolls around--in the meantime, I'll clean the house, just in case whatever it is that is supposed to occur is at my house!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy Is A Mess!

Okay, so I have been crying my eyes out for the past 12 hours. Why? My baby is going to a new babysitter today, since Daddy has to return to his teaching position, and Jonathan will be starting Kindergarten in three weeks. One of those alone is enough to send me into a frenzy! As if Jonathan going off into the world without me all day wasn't enough, but now someone other than me will be cuddling my little five-month-old. The ongoing battle of being a working mom! The guilt, the longing, the need to help pay the bills!

Both of them will be spending time with a young stay-at-home mom whom I have been slowly been able to get to know. We made the switch from the daycare ministry Jonathan was attending because he is going off to the big "K" and I would rather have little "T" in more of a home setting. You know, besides the fact that I was able to pick the kids up one day when Jonathan was playing on the playground with no teacher outside and drove off, no one the wiser. That's another story for another day! Let's get back to me being a mess!

Let's face it, I do not do change well. When it involves my kids, it is even worse! I love working-at least the line of work I do. And we really wouldn't be able to pay all the bills if I were not working, but the GUILT sometimes just kills me! And the debate of whether or not I am making the right decision plays over in my mind like an old record. I have been secretly glad that Jonathan is spending the first few weeks with the new babysitter, because he is old enough to grill when I get home. "What did you do today?" "What did you eat for breakfast?" "Did the babysitter commit any crimes while Mommy was at work?" you know, the usual.

Speaking of which, I should really call in to see how the "drop off" went. Be prepared for a bigger mess in three weeks...in the mean time, I need to do some stalking...