Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why Can't I Remember?

This is ridiculous. I remember sitting at the computer looking at an invitation to something and asking my husband if that Saturday was clear on his calendar and if he would mind if I committed us to something on August 7th...but as I sit here trying to think of where it is I am supposed to be, or what it is I am supposed to be doing...I can't remember!

I've always heard that when women have children they develop "Mommy Brain," and I would like to blame my current memory loss on this theory. If I don't, that means I am going crazy, or developing early on-set Alzheimer's (thanks a lot book club for having me read Still Alice!).

I have gone through all my e-mails on all of my accounts and have checked calendars, evite, and even Facebook. Nothing. Hopefully I can remember by the time Saturday rolls around--in the meantime, I'll clean the house, just in case whatever it is that is supposed to occur is at my house!

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