Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Movie Confessions

Okay...fess up! Do you take your own snacks into the movies?

For the longest time, I would not do it...afraid to get caught. What exactly I thought the "movie people" would do to me is somewhere in my wild imagination, but I truly remember the first time my husband suggested such an outrageous idea. (yes, I was married and a full grown adult before I even attempted such a thing) I felt like I was packing heat in my purse instead of gummie bears. I looked around to make sure no one was looking as I carefully removed the bag from my purse and quietly tried to open the bag....which is quite a task. I felt like a siren was going off as I tried to open that sucker! Of course it didn't take long for guilt to set in, because that is the one true emotion I think I feel on a daily basis. I did enjoy them though. I have broken the "rule" on occasion since then, but I have to say that I truly LOVE movie theater popcorn. It is almost an obsession! In fact, I remember stopping at the movie theater on my way home from work when I was pregnant, because I just had to have some! That's right...I would go to the movies, walk in and buy overly priced popcorn, then turn right around and get back into my car! I would be lying if I said I have only done that pregnant, by the way. It was only the opening of the can of worms. So...since things have gotten a little tighter budget wise for all of us, I might have to start sneaking my microwave popcorn back into the movies....let's hope I don't get any butter on Vera!

(Vera, by the way, is my overly priced granny purse!)

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