Friday, January 29, 2010

50 Never Looked So Good!

Today is my sister's 50th Birthday! While she might not be too thrilled about me spreading the news of her age, I think it is a day worth celebrating--and besides, 50 is NOT what it used to be! Did you know that Julianne Moore is also turning 50 this year? She looks AMAZING!

The Cat in the Hat is also turning 50 in the year 2010...and who doesn't LOVE the Cat in the Hat?

Since there is a 15 year age difference between me and my eldest sister, we didn't exactly "grow up" together, but she certainly helped ME grow up and I have some wonderful memories of her throughout my childhood. One of those memories includes my 13th birthday, when my "big sis" didn't realize exactly how old her "baby sis" was, and gave me some pretty pink plastic princess shoes! They were about three sizes too small!

My big sister has always been there for matter what! She knew what to tell me and when to tell me things growing up, like mom and dad really aren't as evil as they seem, or that boy doesn't know what he's missing! Most of all, though, she was FUN! She took me places my parents normally wouldn't--because there were just too many of us and not enough time or money to go around--and I loved it! We went to movies, the circus, the mall, the zoo, you name it!

The thing I am loving about her now that we are both grown women, is that she has now become the fun "aunt" to my son! Just this past weekend she showed up at my door, unexpected, and asked if she could take Jonathan home for the weekend. I most certainly needed the break, being 9 months preggers and all, and Jonathan was ready to go---after all, Aunt Gail has 5 doggies to play with at her house and all the junk food you can dream of! They watched movies, played cards, and stayed up waaaay too late--all the things I remember loving when I went to stay the night with her as a kid!

So, in the spirit of youth, and not looking or acting 50, I hope she loves these pretty pink princess shoes I got her for her birthday present!

Happy Birthday, Gail! I love you!

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