Friday, October 30, 2009

"30 Days of Thankfulness" Day 3:

I am thankful for Fridays!

Unlike any other day in the week, there is a certain energy in a Friday. The thought of the end of a work week is something I relish in, but I really love my job, so it is odd to think I just can't stand another day at work. There is an excitement though that you just can't ignore in a Friday. I know that my mood lightens and I always have a great time at work on a fact I think some of my best shows happen on a Friday, simply because I am in such a good mood. It also helps that I usually get free food on Friday's at work too, but I'm getting away from my point.

I am sure that energy comes more from the fact that I get to spend more time with my family at the arrival of a weekend. Friday nights used to consist of going out on the town, but these days it means the commitment of the week is ending and the clock gets back to "me" time, or "our" time. I also like the feeling of thinking of all the possible things I COULD do if I wanted to, even if it really means a night on the couch with a good (or bad) movie with husband and bowl of popcorn made on the stove.

The arrival of the weekend means that my husband is home from work, I am home from work, and Jonathan has no demands of preschool. There is something to be said for the soul when you have no commitments! I look forward to sleeping in on Saturday mornings--a HUGE deal because sleeping in usually means 7 or 8 am! For me, the weekend means time to recharge and relax, even if I am still busy doing house cleaning, home improvements, or family birthday parties, it just doesn't feel the same as the schedule of the regular week.

So tonight, in my pregnancy heartburn stupor, I will lift my glass of milk and give a toast to Friday!

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