Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well, well, well...

My goodness it has been a long time since I have posted something new. That's because a lot of "new" things have been happening around the red ranch. I am expecting my second child! The first few months of my pregnancy were very hard on me. I was sick as a dog! I even had to take Zofran to get through the morning sickness.

Just yesterday, however, I found out that I am having another boy! While Jonathan was hoping for a baby sister (and Mommy and Daddy would have liked that too) he was so cute when he found out it was a boy. He simply said, "Well, I wanted a girl, but..." and then he shrugged his shoulders. So grow up for 4-years-old! He is going to make a great big brother!

I, myself, feel guilty for feeling disappointed. It isn't that I am not happy that I am having a boy, I am just sad that I am not having a girl. I was fantasizing about buying baby dolls, cute little dress, and future shopping trips to buy a prom dress...then someday a wedding dress.

I truly know what a blessing this little boy is, however. It took it a long time and a lot of trouble to get pregnant with him...and I cried when I saw his little hands and feet in the ultrasound picture. It is amazing that at only 9oz, I could clearly see his heart beating, stomach working, and his little boy parts!

Perhaps since I know this is more than likely our last child, I am mourning the loss of ever having a little girl...I'm going to say that's okay. By February 21st, I'll be ready to love up on my baby boy!

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