Monday, December 15, 2008

My Baby's First Christmas Program

My baby took part in his first Christmas program last night! He looked so cute in his little Shepard gear! I was so proud of him for marching up there on that stage and smiling so nicely for the crowd, holding that microphone so proudly...and not saying a word! He was so stage struck, that the line he had been practicing for weeks, would not come out. He was supposed to say, "red and white poinsettias, decorate our homes." Which, he would do for us at home, and I was so impressed that my little not-yet-four-year-old was able to say poinsettias! I was so excited about the evening, that I made sure the video camera was all charged and ready to go, but what I didn't check was to make sure we had enough film! Oh, well, footage of playing with the dog is not nearly as important as my baby's first Christmas program, so it was taped over! It was such a cute show, and Jonathan did sing the songs and do the hand motions, so all was well in the end.
Don't ask me what is up with the swinty face, because I have no idea...but he would not smile normally for some crazy, I am nervous as all get out reason!

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Amy said...

Ha! Oh, he looks precious. Those first Christmas programs are the best. Ethan has done that too, where he just freezes up on stage. One year, he was bored with the Christmas songs and was yawning and looking for a spot to nap during his number.

Not me though. When I was little, we were supposed to come off stage. I stayed on stage. Someone had to come out and get me. My mom said that she knew I would do theater after that- you couldn't even get me off the stage :)