Wednesday, June 16, 2010

31 Days of July!

We have declared July "family" month here at the red ranch! Since Daddy is out of school for the summer, but Mommy used all of her vacation time for her maternity leave, we decided to make a list of things we wanted to make sure we do this summer that were easy and close here's what we came up with:

*Go to a parade

*Take a family walk

*Play mini golf

*Walk the trails at county park

*Go swimming at the beach

*Go see our cousin who lives in Chicago

*Go to the Ft. Wayne mall

*See the butterfly exhibit at the zoo

*Go to the train museum

*Ride the train at the zoo

*Go to the fair

*Go to Cedar Point

*Play school inside (I think this one is soo cute!)

*Pick blueberries

*See fireworks

I think that is a pretty good list! I made out a calendar and made sure to schedule the activities for a certain day so that we are more likely to stick to the plan. I made sure not to schedule every day, however, because I know we would get worn out and give up...especially with the other things life usually throws in to make things interesting! I also figured that if we couldn't do a particular event because of inclement weather, than there were plenty of other days to get it done! So, even though we are calling it the "31 Days of July," we didn't actually schedule 31 activities. That isn't to say that we couldn't, however, because there are always things that come up that I had no idea about until a couple of days beforehand--you know, like a great craft fair, or a show the little ones would love to see.

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