Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Friendly Painting

Happy Earth Day!

I have to admit, that I am not ga ga over going green....but I have been very conscience of my environment and for years have been doing things that now seem to be "chic." Like recycling, for instance and replacing my light bulbs with more friendly versions of the typical light bulb(even though I really don't care for the light they give off.)

I recently repainted my living room and decided to go with an environmentally friendly paint, but was a little leery on whether or not it would really be good paint. I am now ga ga over Pittsburgh Paint!

I purchased this paint at Menard's and went with their "pure performance" line. It was on sale and they were offering a rebate, which made my environmental journey a little easier on my fact it ended up being cheaper than most of the other paint lines. I used the "egg shell" type of paint vs. flat or glossy and am so happy with that choice! It has a little shine too it, but doesn't not glare when the sun comes shining through my wall of windows.

What I love the most about this paint is that it is low odor!!!! I can't stand having the house smell like paint for days when doing a painting project...and I love that paint is an easy way to update a look of any room, so I tend to paint often. I didn't even really smell a paint odor. There was a slight smell...but not an obnoxious odor at all!

I will definitely use Pittsburgh Paint's pure performance line again, and would recommend it to anyone....even those that are not so ga ga over going green...which, by the way, is the color I decided to paint. Pictures are on the way!

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