Thursday, September 25, 2008

Upper Case Living Project a friend of mine had an Uppercase Living party, so I decided to purchase this cute little fall saying to add to my decor. I was a little hesitant to stick any of these on my case I got tired of it too soon. Keep in mind, that I love to do crafts, but I am not the most artistic person in the world. I decided to place my saying on a board, which my hubby put some finishing details to. So, armed with spray paint and my decal...away I went.

Painting the board was not so hard...although I did have to move inside because it was too windy outside and I was getting grass clippings on my masterpiece. (I told you, not so artisitc) Anyway, gettting these letters to actually adhere to what I wanted them to was rather difficult. It took a lot of rubbing and manipulating. I thought this was supposed to be for the creatively challenged folks. I mean after all, if I could paint well, I wouldn't need these words. After about an hour and a half and many fingernail pull offs and resets, I finally finished my project. While the first and last words came out beautifully, the main lettering looks a little bad. I don't care, however, and have proudly displayed my project in my dinning area.

Next project....painting that hutch!

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Amy said...

That looks so cute! I love the colors. I bet your hutch will look super cute painted too!! Aren't you just too crafty? :)

Glad to see you joined the blogging world! A word of warning- HIGHLY addictive :)